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Leen Heyne

Leen Heyne

Description from the site owner

The preeminent feature of Leen Heyne’s pieces is their striking elegance and clarity. Many of his rings and bangles are crafted from nothing more than a single gold or silver band featuring one or several twists. The flowing, dynamic progression of these “folds” and the silky matte sheen of the metal remind the beholder of the gentle drape and texture of real silk.What looks so natural, however, is the result of painstaking work and exquisite handcraftsmanship. Leen Heyne hammers, folds, draws out and bends the precious metal for as long as it needs to adopt the desired shape.

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  • Applecrumbs - digital home of interactive designer Joshua James
  • Kidpost - photo sharing for families
  • Cymetriq Studio | Visual Communication Without Limits.
  • Graphic and Web Designer - Wing Cheng

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