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Gabi - iOS Application

Gabi - iOS Application

Description from the site owner

Gabi was co-founded in Berlin by Gabriel Palomino and Stefanie Hoffmann. As a small team of international entrepreneurs ranging from New York to Barcelona... a 3D artist, a light designer, blogger, developer, photographer... we all used Facebook to communicate messages about our lives and opinions to our social networks. We consider it the best, most fundamental social network for visual communicators. We wanted a way to support and redefine it. We started Gabi with a simple idea: to surface the top content from our Facebook feeds. To see only the best stuff. We also wanted a new way of interacting with Facebook, an intuitive way to filter and sort content.

best websites and favorite websites

list of random inspiration websites

  • Saturdays Surf NYC - New York Surf
  • Brand Village - Know People
  • Orinta Simkute Photography

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